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In short, you need to work on your heart chakra and learn to be more open, loving, and compassionate. If you have felt outcasted all your life, Taurus, it's because you were not born to fit in. You were born to shine like the sun. So, of course, there are going to be people who will not like you. People complain about the sun when it gets too hot, don't they? And then complain when they can't see it when it rains. The truth is, the sun doesn't stop shining just because it's an inconvenience for some.

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Neither does it shine brighter because it would be convenient for others. It just does its own thing and you need to do the same.

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And forget anyone who says different. Whether you are a man or a woman, Gemini, you need to learn to respect the feminine principle of the world. You need to understand that without it, the world would collapse, just as much as the world would collapse without the masculine. Both are needed to create a balanced whole. So treat the females in your life with respect.

And if you are a woman, treat yourself with respect. Know how powerful the feminine energy within you is. That's the only way you will find fulfillment in this world. Cancer, this Tarot card speaks about a man who is very selfish and shrewd. Who would do anything to succeed in this world, including ripping others apart. Who is harsh with his words and cunning in his stratagems. So, if you are a woman, you need to beware of this man and leave before he harms you. And if you are a man, this man is you, and the universe is urging you to reconsider your stance before you rack up serious negative karma.

Leo, you were born to be a star. But not the kind who has to go out and hustle for people's attention. You were born to be the star who people come to on their own. So, if you have a tendency to chase people in love, stop that ASAP. Instead, know you are a star and keep living your best life.

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You will attract the right person effortlessly that way. They just won't be able to resist coming towards you! Virgo, have you been suppressing your anger? Denying yourself that feeling because it's too dark for the perfect you? Well, the Tarot says that if you don't address it now, it will explode out in the most unfortunate way later. And the wreckage it will leave behind may not be completely salvageable. So don't suppress your anger. Let it voice its concerns. Because the truth is, anger is your body's way of letting you know that something is going wrong and that you need to take action immediately.

A storm is brewing, Libra. And here you are pretending as if everything is right as sunshine. In fact, some of you may have even isolated yourself or have tuned out your partner because you don't want to address the issues in your relationship. Issues connected with a second marriage, or a court decision may also arise.

Wednesday night improves when the Moon dives into Pisces, bringing out the real you.

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Others will be drawn to your charm, so swim sweetly my lovely ones. The weekend invites you to entertain your new delight at home, if you can get away from family and domestic concerns. Changes or developments in your approach to spending money come as the Full Moon in Aries heats up the end of the week. Make the most of simple advances, in both senses of the word! An excitable person in finance may bug you, but a hunky new face might set your heart in a spin.

The start of the week is perfect for spending time in the boudoir with your love. Venus sweeping into Scorpio marks a very lucky time, when your inner vitality and self-image thrive. You acquit yourself with pride and may find yourself quite an enthusiastic entertainer or host. Keep a copy of the Kama Sutra open in the boudoir, as foreign affairs will fascinate.

Wednesday night sees a transformation as the Moon slips into Pisces, bringing out the best in you. Your beloved will be ever so appreciative!

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Stay home on the weekend and talk things over with your love. Make family plans and get some extra rest.

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The Full Moon in Aries comes on Sunday, when you could be splashing amongst the dollars or looking for a new stream of income. You may have been waiting on developments with a financial project. Travel, communications, overseas links and legal concerns will get you running in circles as the week begins.

The amorous Fish should find some delight in the pursuit of enticing strangers, foreigners, academics and poets, for example.

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Pass through the midweek by avoiding decisions. Professional matters or authority figures will be in the frame to test you, but someone sweet might ring your bell in the palaces of the career environment. Either the information you receive, or the way you use it will enhance your image and reputation.

Others approve. Your endorsement will no doubt also be sought. Thanks to Mars, Friday could see good luck and a slinky romance with a colleague, so keep your aerials out at the corporate gym. Opt for the unusual strategy or solution. Friends feature heavily on the weekend, when someone older may wish to get to know you better. Are you looking at your long-term plans? Stay in contact with foreign or distant links.

Why not spread some luxurious, exotic fare before your love, and have the bedroom sweetly perfumed for love. Keep the Kama Sutra handy! You need some thinking time yet. You may consult with people higher in the food chain to get advice in the midweek, when someone will bring unusual ideas or strategies to the arena.